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IIS Press Conference (Back Numbers)



November 27 Establishment of Nikon Chair of Optical Engineering
Summary Material
November 2 Successful technological development to resolve polarization dependence of a quantum-dot optical amplifier
Summary Material
October 30 Press release material: Establishment of Collaborative Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics
Press release Material
September 19 Production of a scaffold for liver regenerative medicine by applying rapid prototyping technology
Trends concerning alternatives to animal experimentation
August 24 Global-scale water cycle and world water resources
July 12 Measurement of surface tension and viscoelasticity with noncontact, quick and microscopic amounts
- Measurement of physical properties of soft material by using an electric field tweezers system -
May 23 Innovative simulation software developed: leading science and technology in the 21st century
May 10 Improvement in performance of movement along a sharp curve by controlling an air spring
- Control of extreme reduction of rail carriage wheel load and kneeling control to resolve differences in level of carriage to platform -
February 22 A near future vehicle that runs with electricity and control (successful completion of C-COMS powered by only a capacitor!)
February 8 Successful digitization of Bayon Temple, Angkor Ruins
February 1 Successful development test of an underwater security and surveillance sonar
January 18 1. Ultra simple microarray by using micro channel
2. Artificial cell membrane chambers for High Throughput Drug Screening
January 11 Development of the world's first "large-scale system to analyze infection of a new kind of influenza
in a fully packed commuter train"





Research on a new vehicle shock absorber by using electromagnetic force
Water crisis in the world, water problems in Japan
Development of frontier simulation software for industrial science (detailed information)
Aiming for realization of safe and efficient urban transportation
- Realization of traffic surveillance infrastructure technology by using the world's first high precision image recognition technology -
Development of microchips for response analysis by using silicone rubber - microscopic analysis for biochemical reaction and DNA by applying microprocessing technology -



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