The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) currently comprises 10 faculties, 11 institutes, 15 graduate schools, and a number of shared facilities. Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) is the largest of these institutes; currently, IIS comprises five research departments, one guest chair, six corporate sponsored research programs, six social cooperation programs, seven UTokyo IIS research centers, one IIS research center, two collaborative research centers, one international collaborative research center, Large-Scale Experiment and Advanced-Analysis Platform, Design-Led X Platform, common facilities, and administrative offices. In addition to pursuing research in their respective fields, the faculty members of IIS play an active role in the graduate school by conducting courses, experiments, exercises, and research meetings, as well as supervising graduate students for their master’s and doctoral theses in the divisions of engineering and science.
IIS has been managing five research departments in which fundamental research activities are conducted in the individual research laboratories, and thereafter, on the basis of the results of these activities, collaborative research, extensive research, general research, and project research activities are promoted with the close cooperation of researchers from different disciplines. In particular, project research activities are conducted at research centers, as is the case with research strategy facilities, and the entire research organization is supported by the common facilities and administrative of fices.

Director General
Deputy Directors
Faculty Meeting
Administrative Committees
Common Facilities
Technical Staff Group

Personnel and Students

Title Number Title Number
Professors 69 Associate Professors 43
Lecturers 7 Visiting Faculty Members 13
Project Professors 8 Project Associate Professors 10
Project Lecturers 10 Research Associates 55
Project Research Associates 41 Project Researchers 98
Research Affiliates 31 Research Fellows 364
Research Advisors 52 Visiting Research Fellows 9
Visiting Associate Research Fellows 8 Associate Research Fellows 206
Senior Collaborators 35 Commissioned Researchers 9
Private Sector Collaborative Researchers 81 Postdoctoral Fellows 9
Predoctoral Fellows 9 Technical Support Staff 49
Administrative Staff 57 Project Academic Support Specialists 7
Project Specialists 24 Master’s Program Students (International Students) 512 (169)
Doctoral Program Students (International Students) 253 (138) Visiting Research Students of Graduate School 13
Research Students 6 Todai Postdoctoral Research Fellows 17
(As of January 1, 2020)


Item Amount
(in thousand Yen)
Salaries and Wages 4,655,028
Management Expenses Grants for National University Corporations 3,057,192
External Funds 1,597,836
Research, Equipment, and Others 6,190,126
Management Expenses Grants for National University Corporations 1,291,836
Funds for Commissioned Research 3,180,838
Collaborative Research with Private Sector 578,518
Endowments 183,653
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 635,411
Other Subsidies from the Government 36,815
Indirect Expenses 283,055
Total 10,845,154
(Fiscal year 2018)

Research Activities

Item Number of programs
FY2018 FY2017
External Funding 676 716
Endowments 139 156
Comissioned Research 157 164
Collaborative Research with Private Sector 175 214
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 201 189
Other Subsidies from Government 4 3
Research Themes 608 600
Academic journals 820 930
Awards 157 141