Lembaga Sejarah Arsitektur Indonesia
(Institute of Indonesian Architectural Historian)

Lembaga Sejarah Arsitektur Indonesia (LSAI) or Institute of Indonesian Architectural Historian was first sparked by four architects from Bandung: Yuswadi Saliya, Sandi A. Siregar, Haryoto Koento, and Sutrisno Murtiyoso.

On September, 24 1989, these four invited 40 more friends to discuss the idea. Early in the afternoon, everybody agreed to support the founding of an organization with the general goals of:

You may also see the original text of their statement in Bahasa Indonesia, and the names of people who signed it (Pernyataan Bersama).

Yet it took more than three years (February, 3 1993) to establish LSAI as a legal body. Until now, the activities of LSAI are still restricted, there's only a very loosely organized members around an amorphous 'core' . Communication between core members are very solid.

Several projects have been handled through and by the core members. The main projects are:

We plan to publish a small newsletter to maintain contacts among members. This Media LSAI will be a bimonthly, starting July and it is free. Media LSAI will be available in hardcopy via snail-mail to members in Indonesia, and in electronic version in this Home Page for those residing outside Indonesia. To receive Media LSAI, send your name, address (both), occupation and project if possible.

And here is our newsletter: SASAKALA.

And here is some links to our member's HomePages.

Contact address: LSAI, Jl. Karangarum 8, Bandung 40162, Indonesia, phone +62-22-630197, e-mail:

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