[Picture of Haryoto Koento]

Haryoto Koento

Treasurer, LSAI

A Short Introduction

The only one of the four who's not an architect. Youngest son of a pre-war railway company officer (NIS), he was too young to be engaged in the revolution struggle, although his family and brothers intensively involved (and sacrificed!). This gave young Harry a very proud nationalisttic bend. His family sacrificed one son and the whole convenience of a colonial officer.

He finished his tertiary education in ITB, city planning dept, newly founded at that time. But he made his name by writing two books on history of Bandung: Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe and Semerbak Bunga di Bandung Raya.

Now he still contributes to local papers and magazines. Yet his time is more consumed by research projects comissioned by the local development agency (Bappeda) and an estate developer.

He can be contacted by snail mail to

Jl. Haji Mesri 5

Bandung, Indonesia.

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