The gift that keeps on giving

Earlier, we reported on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Twente's MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology in October 2020, and the commemorative gift of tulip bulbs. The gift turned out to be a source of joy on many occasions. First, we enjoyed the planting ceremony, which was made into a social event called IIS International Mixer. Then, the exchange of information on the status of the tulips added a warm touch to the online seminar between MESA+ and IIS held on 24-25 March 2021, as well as to the daily conversations at IIS. In April, the beautiful flowers brought delightful respite to many in the days of COVID-19. The tulip bulbs have since been dug out and will be planted again this fall, providing something to look forward to again next year. Truly, this has been a gift that keeps on giving. We hope our partners from MESA+ will have a chance to visit Tokyo and see the tulips in person.

Photo 1: IIS faculty with the tulips

Photo 2: Tulips in full bloom on campus

Photo 3: Bulbs after the flowers

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