Traffic Management and Control - Science in Traffic Flow and Technology of Traffic Management


Advanced traffic signal control, advanced highway network traffic management systems, integrated transport and mobility system design including automated vehicles, harmonized design of infrastructure facilities and hierarchical road transport system


The research activities are related to Transport Engineering, which aims to acquire a safe, smooth and environmentally-fridendly/sustainable road transport system. There are three main pillars for the activities. One is the 'Fundamental Sciences' with theoretical research to understand variety of transport phenomena, the next is to develop tools 'traffic simulations' for evaluating many of transport and urban planning policy, and the last is the 'transport management' including innovative policies for expressways and surface streets/avenues.

Major Lectures (FY2021: 2021.4-2022.3):

  • Advanced Transportation Engineering (in English) [3713020/GEN-CE5m20L3, A2 term, CE/SoE]
  • Transport Science on Highways and Streets (in English) [4990420/GII-WS6134L3, A2 term, iii]
  • Health and Security V (in English) [31M360-0460A, 31D360-0460A, A2 term, GPES]
  • Specialized Seminar: Smart city with new mobility - Towards proctical implementation of technology, policy and business (in Japanese) [51381, A2 term, Colledge of Arts and Sciences]
  • [no lecture in FY2021] Urban Planning Technology I (in English) [08D1448, S1 term, PEAK]