§ Affiliations [職]

Surname [姓]: OGUCHI [大口]
First name [名]: Takashi [敬]
Degree [学位]: Ph.D. (in Engineering), the Univ. of Tokyo, 1993 [博士(工学),東京大学1993年]
Position [職位]: Professor [教授]
Affiliation [所属]: Laboratory [web site | YouTube] [大口研究室web| YouTube]
Educational duty in [課程担当]:
Additional affiliations [兼務]:

§ Contact Address [連絡先・行き方]

Prof./Dr. Takashi OGUCHI
Department of Human and Social Systems, Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo, JAPAN [東京大学生産技術研究所 人間・社会系部門 教授 大口 敬]
4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo, JAPAN 153-8505 [153-8505 東京都目黒区駒場4-6-1]
E-mail: takog(at)iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp [Tel: +81(0)-3-5452-6419 / Fax: +81(0)-3-5452-6420]

¶ How to acess to my office [研究室への行き方]

§Major Papers [主要論文]

  1. A proposal of applicability evaluation theory of signal coordination control (2023), H. Sakakibara, T. Oguchi, Journal of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers, 9(3) 1-10. [in Japanese; 路線の系統制御設計の妥当性評価法の一提案 (2023) 榊原肇, 大口敬 交通工学論文集
  2. Impacts of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Tradeoff between parking demand reduction and congestion increase (2021). Y. Kumakoshi, H. Hanabusa, T. Oguchi Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 12(100482).
  3. Random nature of shared left-turn lanes at signalized intersections (2020). S. Huang, A. Toriumi, T. Oguchi, Proceedings of 23rd IEEE ITSC (International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems).
  4. Study of offset control between two intersections with different green time (2019). H. Sakakibara, T. Oguchi, Journal of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers, 5(3), 1-10. [in Japanese; 青時間が異なる2交差点間の系統制御に関する考察 (2019). 榊原肇, 大口敬, 交通工学論文集]
  5. Traffic management measures on Tokyo metropolitan urban expressway rings (2019). T. Oguchi, M. Chikaraishi, M. Iijima, H. Oka, R. Horiguchi, J. Tanabe, Y. Mohri, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineering Part D3, 74(5), I_1255-I_1263. [in Japanese; 首都圏3環状高速道路における交通マネジメント評価シミュレーションの開発 (2019). 大口敬, 力石真, 飯島護久, 岡英紀, 堀口良太, 田名部淳, 毛利雄一, 土木学会論文集D3]
  6. A study on measures to relieve the gridlock phenomenon in a single grid network (2018). D. Oshima, T. Oguchi, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineering Part D3, 74(3), 165-182. [in Japanese; シングルグリッドネットワークにおけるグリッドロック現象の発生抑制方策に関する研究 (2018). 大島大輔, 大口敬, 土木学会論文集D3]
  7. Achieving safe road traffic - the experience in Japan - (2016). T. Oguchi, IATSS Research, 39(2), 110-116.
  8. A study on car following models simulating various adaptive cruise control behaviors (2014). R. Horiguchi, T. Oguchi, International Journal of ITS Research, 12(3), 127-134.
  9. Empirical study for estimating the lost time at signalized intersections - case study at signal change intervals from green to protected right-turning green arrow - (2012). T. Oguchi, T. Yamaguchi, S. Shikata, H. Oneyama, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineering Part D3, 68(5), I_1175-I_1183. [in Japanese; 信号交差点における損失時間の実証分析−青から右折矢への切替り時のケーススタディ- (2012). 大口敬, 山口智子, 鹿田成則, 小根山裕之, 土木学会論文集D3]
  10. Integrated speed estimation model for multilane expressways (2011). S. Hong, T. Oguchi, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineering Part D3, 67(3), 244-260. [in Japanese; 多車線高速道路における統合型速度推定モデル (2011). 洪性俊, 大口敬, 土木学会論文集D3]
  11. Supplemental effective green time considering the impact of right turning sneakers (2010). T. Oguchi, Traffic Engineering (JSTE), 45(2), 73-83. [in Japanese; 非優先右折滞留車の影響を考慮した有効青時間の補正 (2010). 大口敬, 交通工学]
  12. Development of an experimental vehicle for successively observing interactions between vehicles in relation to road structure (2009). T. Komiya, T. Oguchi, H. Akahane, R. Horiguchi, M. Kuwahara, Traffic Engineering (JSTE), 44(1), 71-80. [in Japanese; 車両間および車両と道路構造との相互作用の連続観測用実験車の開発 (2009). 小宮粋史, 大口敬, 赤羽弘和, 堀口良太, 桑原雅夫, 交通工学]
  13. Redesign of transport systems on highways, streets and avenues (2008). T. Oguchi, IATSS Research, 32(1), 6-13.
  14. Analysis and modeling of lane utilization by vehicle types on basic multilane expressway segments (2007). S. Hong, T. Oguchi, Journal of Traffic Engineering Meeting (JSTE), 27, 45-48. [in Japanese; 高速道路単路部における車種別車線利用率の実証分析および定式化 (2007). 洪性俊, 大口敬, 交通工学研究発表会論文報告集]
  15. Saga of Traffic Simulation Models in Japan (2005). H. Akahane, T. Oguchi, H. Oneyama, Simulation Approaches in Transportation Analysis -Recent Advances and Challenges-, 269-300.
  16. Development of an experimental vehicle for evaluating highway traffic composed of automotives with and without adaptive cruise control systems (2004). T. Oguchi, H. Akahane, I. Nishikawa, M. Kuwahara, Proc. of 30th FISITA 2004 World Automotive Congress, Barcelona.
  17. Applicability of driving simulator technique for analysis of car-following behavior at sag section on expressways (2003). T. Oguchi, K. Iida, Traffic Engineering (JSTE), 38(4), 41-50. [in Japanese; 高速道路サグにおける追従挙動特性解析におけるドライビング・シミュレータ技術の適用性 (2003). 大口敬, 飯田克弘, 交通工学]
  18. Carbondioxide emission model in actual urban road vehicular traffic conditions (2002). T. Oguchi, M. Katakura, M. Taniguchi, Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management (JSCE), 695/IV-54, 125-136. [in Japanese; 都市部道路交通における自動車の二酸化炭素排出量推定モデル (2002). 大口敬, 片倉正彦, 谷口正明, 土木学会論文集]
  19. Auxiliary lane configuration controlling traffic lane distribution at the upstream of a bottleneck (2001). T. Oguchi, M. Kuwahara, H. Akahane, T. Watanabe, Traffic Engineering (JSTE), 36(1), 59-69. [in Japanese; ボトルネック上流における車線利用率の矯正効果と付加車線設置形態 (2001). 大口敬, 桑原雅夫, 赤羽弘和, 渡邉亨, 交通工学]
  20. Needs for developing new car-following model for evaluating cruise-assist highway systems (2000). T. Oguchi, Proc. of 7th World Congress on ITS, Torino.
  21. Analysis of bottleneck phenomena at basic freeway segments - Car-following model and future exploration - (2000). T. Oguchi, Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management (JSCE), 660/IV-49, 39-51. [in Japanese; 高速道路単路部渋滞発生解析−追従挙動モデルの整理と今後の展望− (2000). 大口敬, 土木学会論文集]
  22. New conceptual evaluation method of amount of exhaust emission gas on vehicular road traffic (2000). T. Oguchi, M. Katakura, Advances in Transport, Urban Tranport VI, 6, 383-392.
  23. Evaluation of driver's functional visual environment depending on three dimensional road geometry (2000). T. Oguchi, Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management (JSCE), 646/IV-47, 1-12. [in Japanese; 三次元道路幾何構造による運転者視覚環境の定式化 (2000). 大口敬, 土木学会論文集]
  24. Relationship between traffic congestion phenomena and road alignments at sag sections on motorways (1995). T. Oguchi, Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management (JSCE), 524/IV-29, 69-78. [in Japanese; 高速道路サグにおける渋滞の発生と道路線形との関係 (1995). 大口敬, 土木学会論文集]

§Major Books [主要著書]

  1. Transportation Amid Pandemics - Lessons Learned from COVID-19 (Sep. 2022). (Ed. Junyi Zhang, Yoshitsugu Hayashi; contributor in Chapter 32 co-authored with H. Kanoshima, Y. Hasegawa, and Y. Suda, pp.409-420) Elsevier and WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society), 490p.
  2. A reader for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering - Revised Edition (2022). (Co-authors: H. Kubota, T. Oguchi and K. Takahashi) Rikoh Tosho Co., Ltd., 282p. [in Japanese; 改訂新版 読んで学ぶ 交通工学・交通計画 (2022). 久保田尚, 大口敬, 高橋勝美 共著, 理工図書]
  3. Global Practices on Road Traffic Signal Control (2019). (Ed. Keshuang Tang, Manfred Boltze, Hideki Nakamura and Zong Tian; contributor in Chapter 10 co-authored with H. Nakamura and M. Iryo, pp.163-184) Elsevier, 325p.
  4. Planning and Design of at-grade Intersections - Basic Edition -; Guide for Planning, Design and Traffic Signal Control (2018). (Ed.: JSTE, joint editor and chair of editorial committee) Maruzen Co., Ltd., 307p. [in Japanese; 平面交差の計画と設計 基礎編 −計画・設計・交通信号制御の手引− (2018). 共編者, 委員長, 丸善]
  5. Indispensable book 2018 for road traffic operations engineering (2018). (Ed.: JSTE, shared editor and shared author), Maruzen Co., Ltd., 298p. [in Japanese; 道路交通技術必携2018 (2018). 共同編集・分担執筆, 丸善]
  6. Traffic and safety sciences - Interdisciplinary wisdom of IATSS (2015). (Ed.: IATSS, shared author for Chapter 4) Traffic Engineering, International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS), 211p.
    • [Japanese version; 交通・安全学, (2015). 分担執筆 第4章交通工学, (公財)国際交通安全学会, 228p.]
  7. Manual on Traffic Signal Control -Revised Edition- (2006). (Ed.: JSTE, chief secretary of editorial board and shared author) Maruzen Co., Ltd., 150p. [in Japanese; 改訂 交通信号の手引 (2006). 編集分科会幹事長・分担執筆, 丸善]
  8. Thorough investigation of traffic congestion (2005). (Editor: T. Oguchi, editor and shared author) Maruzen Co., Ltd., 163p. [in Japanese; 交通渋滞徹底解剖 (2005). 大口敬編著・分担執筆, (社)交通工学研究会発行, 丸善]

§Major Awards [主要な受賞]

  • On the mechanism of capacity drop at freeway sag and tunnel bottlenecks (2023). K. Wada, J. Xing, T. Oguchi, <i>Research Paper Award of JSTE [in Japanese; 高速道路サグ・トンネル部における渋滞発生後捌け交通量の低下メカニズム, 第37回交通工学研究会論文賞, 和田健太郎, シン・ジャン, 大口敬 (一社)交通工学研究会]
  • Development of traffic smoothness system for motorway sag sections (2014). NILIM, T. Oguchi and Smart Traffic Flow Control Research Group, 12th MLIT Award of the Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation Contribution [in Japanese; 高速道路サグ部等交通円滑化システムの開発, 第12回産学官連携功労者表彰(内閣府) 国土交通大臣賞, 国土交通省,大口敬,スマート交通流研究会]
  • Research on the fusion technology of road geometry and traffic signal control at grade crossings (2011). T. Oguchi, Research Award of 7th 'Kometani-Sasaki' Award, Institute of Systems Science Research (ISSR) [in Japanese; 平面交差点の幾何構造と信号制御の融合化手法の検討, 第7回米谷・佐々木賞 研究部門, 大口敬, (社)システム科学研究所]
  • Applicability of driving simulator technique for analysis of car-following behavior at sag section on expressways (2005). T. Oguchi and K. Iida, 19th Research Paper Award of JSTE [in Japanese; 高速道路サグにおける追従挙動特性解析におけるドライビング・シミュレータ技術の適用性, 第19回交通工学研究会論文賞, 大口敬, 飯田克弘 (社)交通工学研究会]

§Brief Biography [略歴]

pic_ogc-f Prof. Oguchi, born in Tokyo 1964, graduated Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) in 1988 and got Ph.D from Graduate School of Engineering of UTokyo in 1993. After joining to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., he started his academic career in Tokyo Metropolitan University, and promoted to Professor in 2007. He moved to Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of UTokyo in 2011 and assigned to director of Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center) of IIS, UTokyo, since 2018. He serves as a Deputy Director of IIS, UTokyo, since 2024. He is also a member of Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Center (UTmobI) started in July 2018 in the university, and is in charge of education for the Department of Civil Engineering at UTokyo. His major research field is Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management and Control including advanced traffic signal control, advanced highway network traffic management systems, integrated transport and mobility system design including automated vehicles, harmonized design of infrastructure facilities and hierarchical road transport system. He also served as the chair of Business Promotion Working Group of Japanese national project SIP-adus (Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program in the Innovation of Automated Driving for Universal Services) which terminated in March 2023.

§Major Committees [主要な委員会など]

  • Cabinet Office (Japanese Government) [内閣府]:
    • Chair, Business Promotion Working Group, Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program, Automated Driving for Universal Services (SIP-adus) (2019.2-2023.3) [戦略的イノベーション創造プログラム(SIP)第2期 自動運転(システムとサービスの拡張)・サービス実装推進WG主査]
    • Chair, Next Generation Urban Transport Working Group, Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program, Automated Driving for Universal Services (SIP-adus) (2016.4-2018.1) [戦略的イノベーション創造プログラム(SIP) 自動走行システム 次世代都市交通WG主査兼推進委員会・委員]
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)[総務省]:
    • Chair, Operational committee of development and research for infra-radar system (2014.4-2019.3) [ 総合通信基盤局:インフラレーダシステム技術の開発・研究開発運営委員会・主査]
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and National Police Agency (NPA)[総務省・警察庁]:
    • Sub-Program Director (SPD), Establishment of 5G network with traffic signals, Public/Private R &D Investment Strategic Expansion PrograM (PRISM) (2019.11-2022.3) [ 官民研究開発投資拡大プログラム(PRISM)/交通信号機を利用した5Gネットワークの構築・サブプログラム ダイレクター(SPD)
  • National Police Agency (Japanese Government) [警察庁]:
    • Chair, Committee for the Speed Limits of Different Vehicle types on Expressways (2023.7-2024.3) [高速道路における車種別の最高速度のあり方に関する有識者検討会・委員長]
    • Chair, Committe for the Future Traffic Control Systems (2020.9-2024.3) [今後の交通管制の在り方に関する調査研究検討委員会・委員長]
    • Chair, Review committee of speed limit on high level expressways (2015.5-2016.3) [高規格の高速道路における速度規制の見直しに関する調査研究委員会・委員長]
    • Review committee on speed limit (2006.8-2009.3) [規制速度決定の在り方に関する調査研究委員会・委員]
  • Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) [国土交通省 道路局]:
    • Member, Committee on road infrastructure for automated driving (2019.6-2021.3) [自動運転に対応した道路空間に関する検討会・委員]
    • National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM): Member, Research evaluation committee (2017.4-2025.3) [国土技術政策総合研究所: 研究評価委員会・委員]
    • National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM): Chair, Study on smooth traffic at sags on expressways(2011/4-2015/3) [国土技術政策総合研究所: 高速道路サグ部等交通円滑化研究会・座長]
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government [東京都]:
    • Member, Council on strategic promotion of TOKYO Data Highway (2020.2-2023.3) [戦略政策情報推進本部, スマート東京・TOKYO Data Highway 戦略推進協議会・委員]
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government and The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games [東京都・(公財)東京オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会組織委員会]:
    • Member, Technical Committee on Transport for TOKYO2020 (2017.6-2021.9) [東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会交通輸送技術検討会・委員]
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 国際協力機構(JICA):
    • Chair, Domestic support committee on high-level road network plan and metropolitan traffic management plan in Philippines (2019.6-2022.3) [ (フィリピン国)高規格道路網計画及び首都圏交通管理計画に関する国内支援委員会・委員長]
  • World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS-WC):
    • Member (2011.1-Present) and Chair (2012.10-2013.10), International Program Committee (IPC)
  • ITS Japan:
    • Chair, 13th ITS Symposium 2015 Program Committee (2015.1-2015.12) [第13回ITSシンポジウム2015 プログラム委員会・委員長]
  • 5th International Symposium on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service:
    • Chair, Program committee (2004.4-2006.7)
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) [土木学会]:
    • Member, Editorial committee on JSCE Journal Part D (2006.4-2008.5) [土木学会論文集編集委員会・部門D編集小委員会・委員]
  • Japan Society of Traffic Engineers (JSTE) [交通工学研究会]:
    • Chair (2022.4-2024.3) and Sub-chair(2020.4-2022.3), 1st academic subcommittee of research committee (2020.4-2024.3) [研究委員会第1学術小委員会・副委員長・委員長]
    • Chair (2017.6-2022.3) and Member (2016.4-2017.5, 2022.4-), Committee on planning, design and control of at-grade intersections (2017.6-2025.3) [基幹研究・平面交差の計画・設計・制御の研究グループ・委員・委員長]
    • Chair (2014.4-) and Member (2005.4-2017.3), Qualification committee [資格委員会・委員および委員長]
    • Sub-chair (2012.4-2015.3) and Member (2015.4-), Committee on highway capacity and quality of services [基幹研究・道路の交通容量とサービス水準に関する研究グループ・委員]
  • International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS) [国際交通安全学会]:
    • Chair, Research Planning Committee (2019.4-2021.3) [研究調査部会企画委員会・委員長]
    • Chair (2017.4-2019.3) and member (2015.4-), Global Interactive Forum on Traffic and Safety (GIFTS) [国際フォーラム実行委員会・委員および委員長]
    • Chair (2015.4-2017.3) and Member (2011.4-2017.3), IATSS Review committee [学会誌編集委員会・委員および委員長]

§: Detailed Information [業績・活動などの詳細]

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