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Take the challenge of excellence and become a Graduate or Research Student at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS). The IIS is a modern research institute that belongs to the University of Tokyo, the largest national university in Japan, and is located right in the heart of Tokyo. Obtaining a Master or Doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo through research at IIS is a highly prestigious education achievement. Join outstanding scientists and leading engineers in their fields to conduct cutting-edge research during your studies at IIS. The IIS comprises more than 110 excellently equipped research laboratories, each headed either by a professor, an associate professor, or a lecturer, whose education and research activities cover almost all engineering disciplines. To only name a few, the research areas range from applied physics to material, chemical and biological engineering, from mechanical to electrical and information engineering, from architecture to civil and ocean engineering.
Please consult the complete list of IIS Departments and Research Centers to find a research group in your field of interest. The heads of these research groups (IIS laboratories) belong to a number of different Graduate Schools at the University of Tokyo. Therefore, in order to study at IIS first decide the academic advisor whom you would like to supervise your research, then enroll into the Graduate School that this faculty member belongs to. Information on the requirements and admission procedures for international students is given below.

Institute of Industrial Science, Komaba Research Campus

Cherry Blossoms on Komaba Research Campus

A gain for life: Studying at IIS not only provides a top-class education and the opportunity to excel at the forefront of research in many areas of modern engineering, it also offers an insightful perspective on the unique culture of Japan, as well as a truly international experience. The IIS engages in numerous Academic Exchange Programs with research organizations in various countries that promote communications among international researchers. As a result there is rich opportunity for encounter between Japanese and international students and researchers here at IIS, which is reflected in events such as Japanese classes, weekly cultural gatherings, and an annual international party. Thus, in addition to completing your education, take the opportunity to learn the Japanese language and benefit personally from the stimulating exchange between scientists from many different disciplines and national cultures on Komaba Research Campus.

Taiko Drum Performance at International Garden Party 2015, Komaba Research Campus

International Gathering

Japanese Class

The education system at IIS comprises three categories of International Students:

  1. Graduate students (Master and Doctoral degrees)
    For programs leading to a master or doctoral degree, students should enroll into the Graduate School at the University of Tokyo that their supervisor belongs to. This requires taking the respective entrance examination.

  2. Research students
    Students may join a laboratory (research group) as a research student. This status does not award any post graduate degree and therefore does not require taking an entrance examination. Students should first confirm with their prospective teacher that he or she is willing to host their study at IIS. Thereafter, it is recommended to enroll as a research student into the graduate school that your supervisor belongs to. As a research student, it is also possible to enroll directly at IIS. For details on the latter procedure please contact the International Relations Section.

  3. Internship students
    Students may also become an intern in an IIS laboratory to perform research while keeping their original student affiliation with other universities or institutes. Consent of the supervising professor of both home institution and IIS is required for application. Period of internship is basically within one year. Please note that no post graduate degree will be awarded in the internship program.
    IIS provides Internship Students with “UTokyo-IIS Internship Support Program” which offers financial support covering a part of their living expenses. For details, please contact the hosting faculty.

Students wishing to enroll either as graduate or research students should have a bachelor's degree in the field of intended study. There will be a preliminary screening for which the applicants will be asked to submit their school and degree certificates.

Since the number of applicants is high compared to the limited space available, an entrance examination is held for prospective graduate students. The entrance examination consists of a written examination and an interview. The IIS does not hold its own entrance examinations. If you wish to obtain a Master or Doctoral degree in an IIS laboratory, please take the examinations for the graduate school and department to which the relevant teacher belongs. To find out which graduate school and department a faculty member of the IIS belongs to, see this page.

For students applying for the International Graduate Program in the Department of Civil Engineering, a separate entrance process has to be followed. For information on application procedure and scholarships please contact the Foreign Students Office (FSO) in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Whether you are interested in studying as a research or internship student or in obtaining a postgraduate degree by researching at IIS, always directly contact the professors under whom you would like to be supervised. If you have not yet decided on your field of study or you have any difficulty in finding professors in your field, feel free to contact the International Relations Section.

The International Relations Section assists international students and researchers with official procedures such as admission and immigration, provides information such as on dormitory lodging and Japanese classes, and organizes casual weekly international gatherings on Komaba Research Campus.
Contact: International Relations Section, Institute of Industrial Science The University of Tokyo 4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan

Fax: +81-3-5452-6071

The faculty members of IIS belong to the following graduate schools at the University of Tokyo. Access the links below to find admission information for prospective students in the respective graduate schools. For a list of the IIS laboratories arranged by the graduate school of the heading faculty member, see this page.

Access the link above to see a complete list of all IIS laboratories categorized according to the departments and research centers they belong to.

Access the link above for information on international exchange activities, visiting scholars, and international students at the Institute of Industrial Science.