UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 5 is now available online

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 5 is now available online. UTokyo-IIS Bulletin covers research and activities of Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS). Physics of liquids and soft matter as well as trial operation of an automated commercial bus service on public roads is featured in this issue.

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 5

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 5


  • Soft matter and materials with structural hierarchy
  • Real World Intelligent Transport Systems


  • Waving the flag: UTokyo-IIS launches the Tairyo-bata Project to connect with local communities throughout Japan
  • A New Vaccine for Saving Lives

Research Highlights

  • A New Spin on Life's Origin?
  • Better Chemistry Through Tiny Antennae
  • Keeping Cool with Quantum Wells
  • Remaining switched on to silicon-based electronics
  • Flood Alert ! Researchers devise powerful new flood monitoring system for Japan
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