UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 4 is now available

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 4 is now available online.
This bulletin covers research and activities of Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS).

The online version is here:

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol. 4

Feature - Art

Feature - Water

  • Economic Development: An Important Factor to Realize MDG for Safe Drinking Water
  • Half a Degree Makes Dramatic Difference in Climate Change Effects on Floods and Droughts Interconnectivity

NEWS - Water

  • Our XPRIZE Journey
  • Riding the ebbs and flows of oceanic power generation

Research Highlights

  • Growing a Cerebral Tract in a Microscale Brain Model
  • "Butterfly-Shaped" Palladium Subnano Cluster Built in 3-D
  • Machine Learning Reveals Rapid Material Classification
  • What causes that peak? Answering a long-standing question for covalent liquids
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