UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol.3 is now available

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol.3 is now available online.
This bulletin covers research and activities of Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS).

The online version is here:

UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol.3


  • Prototyping the Future: Fusing state of the art science and technology with innovation design engineering
  • The Diaster Management Training Center (DMTC) is established


  • Komaba Reserach Campus Intermational Day 2018
  • Masahiro Nomura Wins the German Innovation Award "FOR TREATING HEAT LIKE LIGHT"

Research Highlights

  • Terahertz Spectroscopy Enters the Signal-Molecule Regime
  • Snapshots of the Future: Tool Learns to Predict User's Gaze in Headcam Footage
  • Interpretation of material spectra can be data-driven using machine learning
  • Fast vs Slow Water: Explaining the Fragile-to-Strong Transition
  • Modeling crystal behavior: Towards answers in self-organization
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