In 2021, we formulated a slogan and statement to convey the 'character' of
the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo.
We aim to increase the number of links between society on one side and our research
and organization—which are often seen as difficult to understand—on the other.
We want to make our slogan and statement function and circulate like communication tools.
From a place that 'looks kind of rigid' to a research institute where
'something exciting is going to happen!'

Slogan / Statement‘Institute for a Possible Future’

We are 100.
From nanoscale to cosmic phenomena,
Exploring unknown principles with curiosity as a guide
Chaos, with 100 laboratories.

We are 1.
A swell of intelligence that happily engulfs
The voices of society, different fields, objections and even coincidences.
A movement that is independent and interconnected.

We are innumerable.
The many possibilities that the world has yet to discover
We find out earlier than the future
And continuously propose outstanding values.
Institute for a Possible Future.