Suda Lab.
Suda Lab.

Scaled model vehicle running test track

ITS R&R & Chiba test track 2.0 at IIS

Test track facilities are used to study motion and vibration control of railway vehicles. Using a full scale test track (about 330m in length), actual bogies and vehicle can travel on a straight line, a transition curve, a steady curve (R 33.3m). Railroad crossing and turnout. Wheel/rail contact patches are measured and abnormal vehicle states originating in bogies of track are detected. Moreover, using a 1/10 scale platform with R 3.3m steady curve a scale model bogie can be operated and investigated. Research is being carried out on the effects of changing track or vehicle conditions and on a novel bogie running system and wheel rail tribology including wet environment.

Real scale vehicles for experiment and education

Reduction scale vehicles for experiment and education

Test vehicles and trucks for research and education used for the Chiba Test Track 2.0 and Running test platform are prepared. There are a subway car, trucks of commuter train car, which were actually operated, and a vehicle mockup, a scale model car. These vehicles are used for research on friction control, contact problem, tribology in wheel/rail contact, research and development of new type of steering truck, tests on safety against derailment, study on space comfort, etc.