Josef Prijotomo

Josef Prijotomo was born in Malang 1948, as the first son of a high school teacher. His undergraduate in architecture was taken from 1967 to 1976 at Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS). He obtained a master of architecture degree from Iowa State University in 1982. He is now working as a teaching staff in ITS, his alma mater.

His field of interests are: history and theory of architecture; javanese architecture, focusing on treatises and (javanese) written documents; colonial architecture in Indonesia; and semiotics.

He is also active as critics and columnist in local and national newspaper, as well as in national magazine in building and architecture `Konstruksi'. He has published some books: `Ideas and Forms of Javanese Architecture' and `Pasang Surut Arsitektur di Indonesia'. His latest book, titled `Petungan: sistim ukuran arsitektur Jawa', has also published by Gajah Mada University Press.

He is now working on his forthcoming books: `Primbon dan Arsitektur Jawa'; `Kawruh Kalang' (Indonesian version, with comments); `Dekonstruksi dalam kacamata Indonesia'; and `Arsitektur Purna Modern'.

Here is some of his articles:

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