"Archi-Link Asia Pacific" or ALAP is a communication forum opens to everybody interested to architecture, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, urbanism, and related subjects of Asia and Pacific region.

ALAP conference is located inside TOYAMAC BBS in Tokyo, Japan. This BBS can be connected either by telephone dial up method (from inside Tokyo), or through internet (TCP/IP connection, or SLIP account).

TOYAMAC is a "First Class BBS" which need a "First Class Client" software. But it can be accessed by any text-based communication program. The "First Class Client" software (either Mac or Windows version) can be down loaded after your first login. Better use First Class Client version 2.6.

If you wish to connect by phone, our system phone number is 03-3205-5937 ("03" is Tokyo area code). If you have a SLIP account and full internet access, perhaps you may try the TCP/IP connection. The IP address of TOYAMAC is, and the port number is 4000.

The BBS supports modem up to 28.800 BPS. We use Hayes Optima 28.800 modem. At the first login you may use any ID and Password according to your own choice, and you should use the same ID and Password for login afterwards. You are also need to fill in a registration form online. There is no registration or membership fee. If you are not login for more than 30 days, then your ID will be removed automatically from the database, and you'll need to register once again. The System Administrator is Naohiko Inui.

If you live closer to Hiroshima, then probably you may try another access point, maintained by Akiyoshi Morii. The system phone number is 0849-63-7561, and 0849-60-0075*100 ("0849" is the area code). Login as "guest".

Soon we will have another gateways: GaMac in Tsukuba, and pansy in Osaka. Please check for more detailed information.

After login, please go to "TOYAMAC Research Centre" directory/folder, then proceed to "Archi-Link, AP" directory/folder, then click "Quick Tour" to have a quick overview over the whole ALAP conferences.

In ALAP, either English, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, or other understandable languages might be used in different conferences, but the "official" language is English. If you do not have a Japanese operating system (Mac's Kanji Talk, IBM DOS/V, or Windows/J), then perhaps you'll have problem to view non-English characters in ALAP or other TOYAMAC's conferences.

From here you may see the electronic edition of our Newsletter.

Futher information can be obtained from the managers of ALAP: