The Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science



Background and purpose of the establishment

The development of engineering and industry in Japan, due to differences in the development processes, were not closely coordinated.

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo was established to address this shortcoming.

The Institute undertakes scientific research into the technical issues of production, and promotes the cooperation of engineering and industry by performing practical tests of the research results.

The purpose is not only to raise the level of industrial technology in Japan, but also to contribute to the development of world knowledge.

The following are taken as important mission in maintaining effective relationship of the research to the production site:

1 To fully understand the realities of the productive technique and plan appropriate research;

2 For the research to solve practical problems drawn from the field;

3 To evaluate at intermediate scale the transfer of study results from the laboratory to industrialization.

To help achieve the university mission and to provide liaison between industry and academia, a group of 105 volunteers formed the Circle for Promotion of Industrial Science on November 24, 1952.

Through its efforts to accomplish objectives, the Foundation was able to accumulate substantial assets.

With these assets contributed to support the long-term viability, the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science was established with the approval of the Minister of Education on December 25, 1953.


a. Grant for voyage for international research meetings

b. Grant for international research meetings

c. Grant for Specially Promoted Research

  d. Miyoshi Grant for research (endowment by Matsukichi Miyoshi)

e. Science lecture session

f. Promotion of Special research group

g. Recognition Awards

h. Technology Licensing Organization


The Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science (FPIS) has managed it by fiscal resources caused from membership fees, donations, endowment, and the operation fund.

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