Departments and Research Centers
Departments and Research Centers

The IIS has 5 principal Research Departments that cover the following research fields:

Department of Fundamental Engineering (Dept. 1)
Department of Mechanical and Biofunctional Systems (Dept. 2)
Department of Informatics and Electronics (Dept. 3)
Department of Materials and Environmental Science (Dept. 4)
Department of Human and Social Systems (Dept. 5)

Research Departments consist of these 5 principal departments, Corporate Sponsored Research Programs and Social Cooperation Programs.

All laboratories belong to one of the 5 principal departments. Based on their research results, laboratories of different fields sometimes form a research group in order to start a closer systematic cooperation. When such a research project relates to a strategic field of special importance, the research group becomes a Research Center, a Collaborative Research Center, or an International Collaborative Research Center. Research Centers belong to the IIS research facilities and are structured organically and flexibly to transcend the framework of a single department through cooperation, collaboration, and fusion between Research Departments.

The IIS has 5 Collaborative Research Centers and 2 International Collaborative Research Centers besides Research Centers qualified as IIS Research Facilities. Collaborative Research Centers are created for large-scale collaborative projects with the industrial sector.

International Collaborative Research Centers are initiated based on a collaborative agreement or on a letter of intent between IIS and overseas research institutes.