【Online】30th IIS forum "Earth observation, disaster monitoring and risk assessment from space" (2022/3/2、3)

Last year, the IIS Forum was carried out via online. The situation in the world has changed drastically in the past year, and we have been forced to reconsider our research, direction, and methods.

The global spread of infectious diseases has brought renewed attention to the importance of the Manhattan Principles of One World, One Health (OWOH), which were declared in the United States in 2004. In the OWOH, "12 Action Plans" are described, in which international organizations cooperate with each other across disciplines to prevent zoonotic diseases, prevent their spread, and conserve ecosystems. "One Health" states that the health of humans, livestock and wildlife is one, and that it is necessary for medicine and veterinary medicine to work together, while "One World" incorporates the idea that the cleanliness and health of the environment itself, including water, soil and air, is important for the health of humans, livestock and wildlife and the conservation of biodiversity. It also includes cyberspace. It also includes cyberspace, which is defined as the global commons.

Monitoring the global environment and disasters from space by remote sensing can provide necessary information for solving OWOH problems in a transparent and reliable manner in cyberspace. We will cover information gathering techniques in ecosystems, hydrology, modeling, disaster engineering, remote sensing, etc., and also cover the use of wide-area information such as environmental, forest, and disaster risk assessment using geographic information systems, and analysis of tropical infectious diseases. Research ideas and project introductions are also welcome.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit your presentation materials in English. Please register your plans for participation and presentation at the forum from the following website.

- Dates: 2022.3.2, Wed. - 3.3, Thu. 13:00-17:00
- Venue: Online (ZOOM)
- Fee: Free
- Application deadline: 2022.2.14, Fri.
- Full paper submission deadline: 2022.2.25, Wed.

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