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Micromachining Laboratory

Focused Areas
Supporting Facilities
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Visiting Researchers

1. Overview

Mechanical and electrical functions are getting more and more concentrated in a great part of industrial products. Micromachining is one of the important technologies which support this tendency. In this laboratory, basic studies on various methods for micromachining are carried out. Emphasis is put on the machining methods using tools. These methods will play an important role in the production of three dimensional, complicated parts and tools. Measuring technology of three dimensional microshapes are also studied as a peripheral field of micromachining.

2. Focused Areas


The research activity is currently centered on the following six major areas.

(1) Micro EDM

 Automatic, high-precision micro EDM is investigated. Wire electrodischarge grinding (WEDG) was developed and is being refined for the fabrication of various types of micropins.

 (2) Micro mechanical machining

 Punching, drilling and milling for microsize products are investigated. In order to solve the problem of tool preparation, WEDG is introduced. A special system including tool-making was successfully introduced for micropunching.

 (3) Fabrication of micronozzles

 A combined system of WEDG, WECG (wire electrochemical grinding) and electroforming was developed for fabricating micronozzles. Medical and industrial applications are studied.

 (4) Vibroscanning method for micro 3D measurement

 A microhole measurement method using a vibrating feeler was developed and basic technology is being studied for improving accuracy and widening the application field.

 (5) Precision WEDM

 WEDM (wire EDM) technology is studied for high accuracy and efficiency in thin sheet metal cutting.

 (6) Surface smoothing by ECM

 Pulsed ECM (electrochemical machining) is introduced into surface smoothing of die and mold. Technologies for smoothing 3D surfaces and micropins are investigated.

3. Supporting Facilities

4-axis multi-purpose micromachining equipment
4-axis micro EDM with WEDG function
Scanning electron microscopes
Ultrasonic machine
Excimer laser for micromachining
Equipment for micro hole measurement

4. Staff Members

Takahisa MASUZAWA, Dr., Professor
Masatoshi FUJINO, Research Associate

5. Visiting Researchers

Xi-Qing Sun, Dr. (Associate Prof., Tsinghua University, P. R. China)

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