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E2007/03/29 The Japanese Language Course in Komaba Research Campusnew
E2006/12/19 A branch office of IIS was set up in the University of Toronto
E2006/05/24 Open House of Institute of Industrial Science
E2006/03/17 Opening of Branch Office of IIS/UT in HCMUT, Vietnam

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Komaba Research Campus: 4-6-1 KOMABA MEGURO-KU, TOKYO 153-8505, JAPAN
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Chiba Experiment Station: 1-8 YAYOICHO INAGE-KU, CHIBA 263-0022, JAPAN
Phone: International +81-43-251-8311 (Domestic 043-251-8311)
Fax: International +81-43-252-7217 (Domestic 043-252-7217)

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