Press Release
Investigation of collapse accident of Myaungmya bridge and safety survey of similar type bridges in Myanmar

On 1st April, 2018, Myaungmya bridge (suspension bridge with 180 m span in Myanmar) was collapsed and two people were died. As requested by Ministry of Construction, Myanmar, Nagai laboratory conducted a site investigation of the collapse bridge together with related Japanese companies and Yangon Technological University. The main cause of the bridge collapse is rupture of the main cables due to corrosion induced by water accumulation at the anchorage. In addition, the team conducted safety survey of seven bridges in Myanmar whose construction age and structural type are similar to Myaungmya bridge. At present, severe damages were not observed, but some problems related to maintenance such as water accumulation at the main cable anchorages and damages of bearings were found.

Japan is now facing an aging problem of infrastructure. We hope this investigation result will be utilized to realize appropriate maintenance scheme for infrastructure in not only Myanmar but also the other countries including Japan.

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