Communicating with Society
Communicating with Society

The Public Relations Office was established in April 2017, with the aim of building the IIS brand and further increasing the social recognition for IIS. It is responsible for planning PR strategies, producing press releases, web contents and regular publications, as well as planning and operation of the Campus Open House. It is also focused on enhancing dialogue with society.

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Planning of PR Strategies

The PR Office works on planning PR strategies in order to inform the public about IIS at work, as an engineering research institute that combines world-class research capacity with the tradition and ability to realize practical collaboration with industry as well as ambitious collaboration with international partners. It also works on unifying the design of IIS website, publications, original goods, etc., based on the concept of the IIS logo.

In the 2022 academic year, the Office worked to strengthen its information dissemination capabilities, including the implementation of a hybrid open house at the Komaba Research Campus. This was the first time in three years that the open house was held on campus, with thorough infection control measures.

Communication of Research Achievements and Activities

Press releases

Approximately 53 press releases per year are issued in Japanese, and 21 in English. In addition, the IIS Director General holds a regular press conference. In the 2022 academic year, we also held hybrid press conferences combining online and on-site components.

Providing information on the Web

Information is disseminated with speed using social media and IIS website. IIS introduction videos are available on YouTube as well.

Regular publications

Various publications are issued to archive research achievements and activities at IIS. Some of them are available online.

SEISAN-KENKYU (Four times a year)
The journal of IIS and presents the latest research findings

IIS NEWS (Four times a year)
Presents news reports about symposium, research activities, personnel, awards, etc.

The IIS BOOK (Annually)
The collection of Poster Galleries

Production of original IIS goods

Original document folders are produced to express the breadth and depth of research pursued at IIS. They are distributed at various events hosted or co-hosted by IIS, and are also displayed in the newly established Dining Lab.

Dialogue with Society

From the beginning, IIS has worked with a strong belief that the value of academic research in engineering lies in its implementation in real life. Through campus open house and various science communication events in Japan and overseas, the Public Relations Office endeavors to enhance two-way communication, by which it tries not only to communicate research achievements of IIS but also to gather various information and voices from society for feedback within IIS.